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We are a 100% Mexican company founded in 2014 focused on providing construction, maintenance and repair services for the offshore industry within the energy sector. The company has two yards at the shore of Rio Pánuco; one in Tamaulipas and the second in Veracruz, both with first class infrastructure.


To provide engineering services for the design, construction and maintenance of oil and industrial facilities with high quality, using appropriate and efficient technology, implementation of processes, procedures and manuals through highly qualified personnel to optimize resources and obtaining a profitability that ensures continued market and company´s growth to be a world leader in the field.


The company has two yards (Anahuac and Tampico) equipped to meet every need of our customers.

During the development of this infrastructure, we have generated more than 300 direct jobs and 450 indirect jobs at least, all with local staff, which also must be said, is a strength of our company, as this area has historically been a source on the supplying of qualified personnel in the world and that ESEASA OFFSHORE continues to promote through our training programs for new employees to be in line with the technological development of the company and our most valuable asset, "our people" thus providing added value not only to our services but also a sense of belonging within our people.


Being a leader on the provision of design engineering, construction and maintenance services of oil and industrial facilities under strict compliance with quality,
safety and environmental protection standards nationally and internationally.


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Anahuac Yard

It has a 19 ha of total area; a waterfront of 268 yd. length; 3 loading docks, 2 of 20,000 tons. and a third of 14,000 tons.; as well as 2 sliders (perpendicular to Rio Panuco´s riverbed) both of 274 yd. length for marine structures construction and a load capacity of 14,000 tons each; technical and administrative offices of 2,000 ft.2, roofed workshop of 8,000 m2 and an open manufacturing area of 11,000 ft2; direct access to Federal Highway “20 de Noviembre” and access to the Gulf of Mexico.

We have the capacity to fulfill the needs of domestic and international market of around 20,000 Tons / Year of Marine Structures and/or services, which represent between 800 - 1500 direct jobs and associated jobs between 1,500 - 3,200 at full capacity, of these 10% are technicians and administrative; These are undoubtedly the most modern manufacturing facilities in the country which actively participate in the Energy market and meet the requirements and specifications of different industry clients.

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Tampico Yard

It started operations in 2015 to fulfill the requirements of modular construction and contributing on the execution of the Oil and Gas Industry programs. This yard has a total area of 5 ha. It mainly has 2 manufacturing roofed sheds completely equipped on a 2990 yd.2 area each. The general installation has on its south zone a waterfront to Río Pánuco of 292 linear meters; as well as dock areas with a schemed connection with the National Railroad Network. We also have PBIP for berthing ships with national and foreign flags.



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